DIY Elvis Jumpsuit Halloween Costume Idea Using Footed Pajamas

How to Make an Elvis Jumpsuit CostumeDIY Elvis Halloween Costume

This is an easy (and fun) to make costume that requires no sewing.

How to make an adult Elvis costume:

  • Start with a pair of Adult Footed Pajamas
  • Make an Elvis Collar
  • Cut a collar from posterboard and adorn it with flashy stuff (we used a magic marker).

DIY Elvis Halloween Costume

  • Make an Elvis Jumpsuit
  • Use a 6 inch wide piece of Red felt (available 6 foot wide for about $5 a yard from fabric stores) for the Scarf. Some metallic fabric for the cuffs, belt and leg triangles.
  • Pin it all to your PJs with safety pins.
  • We added Blue Adhesive-Backed Stars purchased at a craft store.
  • Add a pair of Elvis Sunglasses - cut some black felt sideburns (two slits in the top of the sideburns allow you to slip it over the sides of the shades) and you're done!
DIY Elvis Halloween Costume

DIY Elvis Halloween Costume


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