DIY Care Bears Halloween Costume Idea Using Footed Pajamas

HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS:DIY Care Bears Halloween Costume

CARE BEARS COSTUME - Save money! Make a costume out of footies and you get to use the footies all year long. Do-it-yourself costumes are always better than one from the mall.

How to make a Care Bears Costume out of a pair of adult footies (this one is Cheer Bear):

  • Start with one pair of Adult Footed Pajamas
  • Make a Care Bears Headpiece from Pink Felt (available 6 foot wide for about $5 a yard from fabric stores) (see photo below).
  • The shape on the left and the bottom make the hat.
  • The long piece is sewn between the two outside pieces. 
  • Then cut the 2 ear pieces (below in the center), fold them in half, then fold the bottom edges in (to make them stand up better) and sew to the hat.
  • Make a Care Bears Belly from Felt
  • Cut a white circle, Google your favorite bear, cut the motif from felt (or paint it on).
  • Affix to your footies with safety pins.
  • The Care Bears Tail (in photo below top, center) can be safety pinned to your rear.
  • Make a pair of Care Bears Mittens from Pink Felt (see shape on the right side of the photo below).
  • Cut 2, fold them in half, sew or staple up the edges.
  • Make a Care Bears Complexion
  • We've been told to use women's eye shadow if you don't want to use face paint.
  • The photo on the right is a real Care Bear - so he didn't have to use face paint.

DIY Care Bears Halloween Costume

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