DIY Ballerina Halloween Costume Idea Using Footed Pajamas

How to Make an Adult Ballerina CostumeDIY Halloween Ballerina Costume

This is a NO sewing required costume!

Making your adult ballerina costume:

Start with one pair of Adult Footed Pajamas.

  • Make a Man-Sized Tutu: (See photo below)
  • Make a "needle" from a paper clip, put pink ribbon through a loop at the end, secure the loop with tape.
  • Buy 3-4 feet of "netting" from a fabric store ($1.75 a yard)
  • Fold the netting so it's 2 feet x 5-6 feet.
  • Use the paper clip to "sew" down the middle (ask a woman how to).
  • It will be difficult to pull the ribboned paper clip through - but you don't care if it rips a little - it's just a costume!
  • Cut the edges so nothing's folded (makes it fluffier).
  • When you get to the end pull the netting down the ribbon so it bunches up. Tie it around your waist.
  • Make a Pretty Hair Bow with Pink Tassels:
    • Just take 6 inches of netting from your tutu fabric, fold it like a fan, and twisty-tie it to a headband (available at drugstores). Add pink ribbon if you like.
  • Make a Pair of Faux Ballerina Slippers
  • By wrapping pink ribbon around your ankles.

DIY Halloween Ballerina Costume 

This would be a great group costume... Think: "We're the Nutcracker"... Or a good couple costume... Him in a pink tutu and her with a goatee, dressed in black spandex - as a male ballet dancer.

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